The T-Mobile G1 launch this morning

I was up at half five this morning. Half past FIVE! That’s how dedicated we are here at Mobile Industry Review.

I grabbed the cameras, jumped into the car and sped into London as fast as possible. I’m not normally a native of the 6am shift — so I was rather surprised to find the M25 almost chock-a-block and the A13 into London was doing 30mph permanently.

When I arrived at about 8am, there were queues already. Big time. In fact I discovered quickly that some serious G1 fans were queuing from 5am. Hardcore.

I got out the film camera and captured some outside shots then I popped into film the shenanigans. Organised. Busy. Energy. The place was raidiating energy and enthusiasm. Every one of the, what, 8 tills, was busy. G1s were flying out the door. Much, much better managed than your average iPhone scramble. I talked to T-Mobile’s head of Social Media (yes, they have a chap who’s responsible for that now!) and filmed a little bit with Richard (the chap who gave us the demo at the press launch last month). I’ll aim to have that edited and published probably for tomorrow.

Right. More to come.

(And here’s the Flickr gallery of some of the photos I took)

By Ewan

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