Tomorrow is T-Mobile G1 day

Oh yes…

Here’s hoping that T-Mobile have got their online systems working correctly and they don’t do a ‘Carphone Warehouse’ or an ‘o2’ and fall over dramatically.

In case you’re thinking of ordering, this is the link you need tomorrow from 9am.

And if you’d like a reminder about the device itself, here’s the Man From T-Mobile UK giving us an overview of the device on video:

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7 replies on “Tomorrow is T-Mobile G1 day”

A good few of the T-Mobile stores – at least in London – are opening early at 7am tomorrow.

Despite sending me an email telling me I can UPGRADE NOW! using the website, the G1’s still not appearing in the list of phones I can upgrade to. Idiots.

i think they are avoiding a g1 day rush – so its a quiteish launch
rather than have a giant pink countdown
so they only people getting a launch day email are those that have registered interest.

Just don't make it sound too blind date uncensored orchestrated; sounding like a recorded voicemail is definitely not how to get a date with whoever you want. Manage to keep a free-flowing tone while talking.

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