“Who” do you think you are using that RAZR camera?

So I went to see the Who last night in Hamilton, EXCELLENT show I must say. For being in their 60’s, Roger & Pete still know how to rock.

The one thing that amazed me (that always amazes me) is people taking pictures with their crappy camera phones. Do they not realize that’s not going to show up? I have an N95, with a 5 megapixel camera, and from 26 rows away, this is what my pictures looked like.



They aren’t even *that* great.

So what makes people think this tiny little, what does a RAZR have, 1.2 megapixels on a good day? camera is going to take pictures that you can even make something out on? “Look look, there he is, he’s that white square right there!”

Same thing with video & sound clips. The husband had his E62 out trying to record some sound clips, when he got home and listened they were so garbled you could barely make out two words. The only reason why I took pictures (and video, which I’m going to upload tonight) is because I know on an N95, it’s going to turn out at least legible/audible/etc.

Get a better camera phone, or bring a real camera.

(PS, it’s often said that cell phones are the new “lighters” at concerts, you know, slow song, wave your cell phone in the air. Not so at the Who, the lighters were out in full force 🙂

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