Your mobile will cook a hardboiled egg. In 80 minutes.

So reckon some researchers in India. I picked this up via The Statesman which is apparently one of India’s oldest English newspapers.

It is not quite the fastest way to cook an egg, but researchers have found that if a raw egg is placed in between four switched-on cell phones, it will be ready to eat in about 80 minutes.

That’d take 320 minutes to cook a hard boiled egg for each owner of each mobile…

In the experiments, the mobile phones were connected to pre-recorded tapes and four of them were kept live with an egg in the middle. After around 80 minutes, the egg was found to be hard-boiled. The research is in its final stages and the effects of EM waves are being studied on enzymes, cells and top layers of plants.

“The idea is to sensitise people about the harmful effects of using mobile phones and living in close proximity to cellphone tower,” said Dr RK Kohli.

By Ewan

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13 replies on “Your mobile will cook a hardboiled egg. In 80 minutes.”

i expect one would cook in that time if you placed it on a radiator
my god – ive a radiator in my bedroom – not far from my HEAD


I'm just off to write to the daily mail 😉

mac, shocked of soho.

I've even heard the sun gets things hot (although obviously not in the UK).

BAN IT … ban it now!!

Blast Mike beat me too it..!

Wouldn’t have mattered to me anyway – I’m allergic to eggs!

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