‘You’re breaking up…’

I simply can’t stand it when I’m on the phone to someone and they interrupt me saying words to the effect of ‘You’re breaking up’.

At my desk I’ve been using my E90 perfectly without issue for ages. However now that I’ve swapped (semi temporarily) to using a Blackberry Curve, I frequently get folk complaining that they can’t quite hear me.

Fooking annoying, especially when you’re using Vodafone.

It appears to be a handset issue. I don’t know if Blackberries are that good as telephones…

I think I might get a Nokia E51 to actually MAKE calls on.

By Ewan

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8 replies on “‘You’re breaking up…’”

Ewan, let me just get this straight. You've got a mobile phone (a top of the range, pretty expensive one too), it can do lots of exciting stuff; yet you're going to buy a new handset to do the most basic of tasks – make calls.

Can anyone explain what the industry is coming to?

My Blackberry 8830 'World Edition' is absolutely the worst phone for just talking I've ever had. People are always complaining…well mainly my mother, but I've asked more people since she brought it up and they all say the same… background noises are amplified.
It's crap!

my wife has a curve, it seems to work well, i never have any problems talking to her.
i just could not bare using one as my everyday device.

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