ZZZPhone have a $149 Android phone; comes with mini projector

Yes. It’s true, it seems.

Our very own Ricky Chotai noticed this on the ZZPhone site earlier today.

Interesting, interesting…

The last ZZZPhone I purchased didn’t work in the UK; but I think they’ve changed suppliers now. I’ll need to talk to them and find out more.

Just LOOK at these features:

This new model zzzPhone, scheduled for limited release in USA this month, has defied the odds as zzzPhone’s innovative engineers are close to beating the Google G1 in a biased race to world markets.

Starting at $149, with powerful standard features such as dual SIM card slots (2 phones in one case), a 3 mpxl camera, and MP3/MP4 player, this same zzzPhone can be upgraded with GPS navigational systems, stereo speakers, 7 mpxl camera (even both a front and/or rear facing camera), a projector to show text messages, photos, videos or movies on the wall, wi-fi and many more options.

Second thoughts.. we’ll place an order and find out more for you.

By Ewan

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