3 turfs out new small business mobile broadband deals, plus increases data limits

Taking up the challenge of the credit crunch today is the network ‘3′, by offering two new tariffs aimed at small businesses.

These mobile broadband packages also allow for a second user to be added at half-price, in addition to upping the overall data limits

Going under the pseudonyms of Broadband 5GB and Broadband 15 GB, they increase the bundled in data allowance from 3GB and 7GB, and from 5GB and 15GB. Wahoo!

Also, any small businesses buying into an 18 or 24 month mobile broadband or voice contract can now buy a second MBB (mobile broadband) plan at just half price.

With existing customers also benefitting from this by being offered 50% off line rental for the new plans too.

These new deals and packages are available from today; more details can be found at

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