3UK spoof’s T-Mobile UK’s hand-up-cow’s-arse commercial


Got a moment?

I’ve got a Youtube video for you. Here’s the first screen:

If you’ve got a moment, watch the full vid…

By Ewan

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13 replies on “3UK spoof’s T-Mobile UK’s hand-up-cow’s-arse commercial”

heh i like the bit at the end 'We dont expect our customers to put their hand up a cow's backside to find a great deal'

They just expect us to stick our hand up there when we try and find better customer service for that £27 a month and no matter how hard you look you would be best speaking to the cow than 333.

Three's customer support is bad.. but is it really any worse than anyone elses? I had to call T-Mobile THREE times on Wednesday to get my diverts disabled. Three phone calls to get the operator to do something that, by GSM standards, I should be able to do myself but am not.

As mobile geeks we are at the mercy of imbeciles!

Yeah, but it's not the handset's fault, most operators in the UK ignore standard GSM divert cancel codes. Presumably this is to lower support overhead when people accidentally turn their diverts off.. but that seems like a weak excuse to me.

il see who i can feed that back to at the company when i get back to work tomorrow. should not take 3 calls to cancel diverts

Cheers, it's more annoying that the first two people I spoke to said they'd done it but obviously hadn't.

But y'know… I really shouldn't have to make a call in the first place… Essentially T-Mobile sold me a device that has a button labeled “CANCEL ALL DIVERTS”… and that button is broken!

I've given up listening to people bagging customer service at any mobile network or broadband provider.

The only source to trust is the likes of Which?. They analyze thousands of items of feedback, adjust for all sorts of biases, and then give out bouquets and brickbats accordingly.

Individual problems, even writ large in forae like this, sound great and are a vent for upset folk, and may, in exceptional circumstances may lead, long-term, to improvements.

…..but in the big picture only population-base statistics mean anything.

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