5,000 downloads of Telegraph Android app

Just got news in from the chaps at WebTrends (the analytics experts) who’re working with the London Telegraph newspaper’s online service. They’ve been tracking browsing habits of the newly released T-Mobile G1 handset and have added Google Android as a browser-type into their On Demand software already. WebTrends are reportedly seeing a big increase in customers hitting The Telegraph’s site with an Android browser. No news on exact stats as yet though.

However I can tell you that over 5,000 folk have already downloaded the Telegraph’s Android application generating over 31,000 visits to the Telegraph’s mobile version in (I suspect) the last few weeks.

The mobile version of the Telegraph looks brilliant on my G1 browser (

I’ll need to talk some more with the WebTrends chaps as they’ll be able to track the growth of the Android browser across the next few weeks and months. That should make interesting reading.

By Ewan

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