Andrew Henning, CEO of Redweb on the Android G1

I’m thoroughly enjoying reading the perspectives of the executives we’ve contacted to give us their viewpoints on the new T-Mobile G1.

Andrew Henning is CEO of Redweb (a leading digital agency). Redweb has a team of over 45 people turning over 2.5 million a year working with the likes of Norwich Union, Sky and the Government. Andrew and his team are continually advising these types of companies on their web and mobile strategies — so what does he think of the G1?

Over to Andrew:

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The thing about the G1 Android handset is that design looks very dated, old even. Functionality is one thing, but I think the mobile industry also notices things like looks and branding. It’s a very geeky model, but I think most people will still choose the iPhone (or an iPhone look-a-like) until Google (or HTC) make it sexy. It just looks chunky in comparison at the moment.

I was impressed to hear that the G1 has an in-built compass, and that to lock/unlock the phone you can draw a unique shape on the touch screen. Very good for privacy etc.

I applaud Google’s aims and objectives behind the launch of the Android operating system – to create a truly open platform for mobile application development. An open source mobile operating system, the first of its kind, will allow developers to create fantastic new tools. The likes of which we probably won’t have seen on any other closed mobile OS (such as Symbian, or the OS X as seen on the iPhone).

Any open source software allows developers to manipulate the way in which it was intended to be used, and end up with some great new ideas and functionality. This will inevitably happen for the G1 handset.

There’s a lot of potential there, but at the moment it is just another mobile platform to add to the list. It needs to be accepted and adopted by the majority of mobile manufacturers before its goals and advantages can be realised.

I won’t personally purchase one at this stage, as it’s a first model. They will be adding new features fairly soon, and the OS/phone integration will become increasingly sophisticated with future models.

I’m also not a fan of the fact that you’re tied to using Google services with the phone, unlike the iPhone which lets you use various email/calendar applications.

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Ah yeah — I’ve been surprised about the amount of people who are objecting to being ‘forced’ to use Google Services in order to use their G1. Good points Andrew — thanks for taking the time!

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