Apple’s iPhone gets an update

The latest fix for the iPhone has just arrived, version 2.2 hits the Google streets from today.

The new firmware update includes the likes of Google Street View, with public transport guides and walking directions. These allow virtual walking tours at street level for one, with the ability to check transport timetables too.

Although not everyone will benefit from these of course, the last we’ve heard they’ve only just started mapping out Google street view for London.

There are some plus sides to upgrading, with the supposed improvement to HTML based emails and issues resolved over scheduled email download.

Apparently there’s also new support for downloading podcasts over WIFI and the carrier network. Also there’s better stability and performance around browsing, plus improvements to do with sound quality on those visual voicemail messages.

Other issues they’ve resolved surround, better battery life, less call failures, improved performance in text messaging, plus an option to wipe data after ten failed passcode attempts.

None of which we’ve found an issue in the past, but if there’s an issue for some we’re glad it’s been fixed.

Jailbreak 2.2 anyone?

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So that headline could also read: Apple get is an update? . . . .not to come across as a grammar snob but geeze. . .

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