AQA is now cheaper than an Irish Guinness

I had a note in from Paul over at AQA, the question answer service, to let me know that they have reduced the cost of their Irish service. Here are a series of things you never knew about Ireland, courtesy of AQA (as well as details on their new pricing):

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Q. How much does it cost to text AQA 57275 in Ireland?
A. AQA’s just dropped its price from €2 to €1.50. It’s now cheaper than a glass of Guinness, the same as a single on LUAS, and just slightly less than 4 days Irish TV.

Q. How many apples needed to give everyone in cork a slice of apple pie?
A. If you were to make a delicious apple pie for the 123,062 people living in Cork, you would need 184,593 apples. This is a generous 1.5 apples each.

Q. What’s the watery part of blood called?
A. The watery part of blood is called plasma. It makes up 55% of human blood. Coconut water is so similar to human plasma, it can be used as a substitute.

Q. What is the longest running TV chat show in the world?
A. The world’s longest running chat show is RTE’s Late Late Show, presented by Pat Kenny. It first aired on Friday 6 July 1952 and has had 3 hosts.

Q. Are there mosquito’s in Malahide, co. Dublin
A. Mosquitoes were introduced to Ireland by Lord Talbot and have been resident in Malahide for over a century. Any outside of Malahide are often
from abroad.

Q. Do people in england drink warm beer?
A. People in England don’t drink warm beer if they can avoid it. However, the Englishman’s love of beer sometimes necessitates the imbibing of warm ale.

Q. When was the earliest recorded existence or use of tea and coffee in Ireland?
A. Tea was first imported to Ireland in 1835. Coffee houses appeared after 1652. Average Irish daily consumption is 6 cups a tea, the highest in the

Q. What did Mary Ward do in Offaly in Ireland, in 1869?
A. Mary Ward was the 1st fatal motor accident victim. In 1869 in Offaly, she was thrown from a steam car as it turned a corner & was crushed by its wheels.

Q. Name the highest mountains in ireland in order?
A. Highest mountains in Ireland: Carauntoohil 1038m; Beenkeragh 1010m; Caher 1001m; Mount Brandon 951m; Lugnaquilla 924m; Galtymore 917m; Baurtregaum

Q. How many diamonds are in a deck of cards?
A. There are 113 diamonds in a deck of cards, including 1 in each corner. Without the corner decorations, there are 61. The King of Diamonds is in

Q. Which is further north,dublin or toronto?
A. Dublin, Ireland (53.35 N) is considerably further north than Toronto, Canada (43.65 N). Toronto is roughly as northerly as Florence, Nice and

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