Cheapest mobile broadband package arrives

Remembered the heady days of October the first when Virgin entered the mobile broadband market? Now they’ve only gone and launched the cheapest deal in UK at just a fiver a month.

There’s catch, as expected and there always is of course – you need to be on Virgin.

New and existing customers on their service, such as with the L or XL packages are only entitled to this deal.

Their 3G mobile connectivity rocks up in the form of a 1GB data allowance per month over a supplied USB modem, which can be plugged into a laptop, netbook or even a PC.

For £10 a month, users on the ‘M’ Virgin Media cable package can also have broadband internet on the move.

This all runs from the T-Mobile network, with a one off £25 fee offering up to 3.6Mbps speeds on a 12month contract. Going over the allotted gigabyte limit though will set you back a lofty 1.46p per megabyte, just for your info.
A good deal we believe for those already with the company and also great for enticing new customers along.

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But this Virgin package is just NOT the cheapest U data deal.

As an existing '3' customer, I have a 3 GB/month plan for GBP 7.50 per month with 18 month ccontract and free Huwawei 169G dongle!

Can anyone else come up with a better deal?.

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