Data and SMS roaming charges soon to be cheaper

News has reached us from Reuters that governments in the European Union are set to regulate the costs on data usage and text messages whilst roaming. No need to sell your organs anymore whilst on holiday, just to cover your costs.

They also believe this could open up talks on other services being acted upon in a similar fashion. Wahoo!

Meaning there could be no need any more to sell of those miscellaneous limbs or superfluous bodily fluids whilst aboard, just to send an MMS.

The EU Telecoms Commissioner has outlined expanding the current cap in place for mobile phone calls away from the country of origin to now include roaming text messages and web surfing until 2013.

This is all due to be set in place on July 1 2009 when the joint legislation takes effect in the European Parliament, just in time for the summer holidays too. Hurrah! More money for fun and less money to staying in touch.

It’s been outlined the cost should be at 11 Euros cents for a roaming text message, where it currently stands at the average exorbitant rate of 29.

For someone that travels a lot this is a much welcomed piece of good news; more on the piece visit here.

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