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Do I resent my mobile?

Do I resent my mobile?
I’ve been told once or twice that I resemble something of an old woman or more precisely an “Old Bag”. True, I do have my “old person” tendencies; but I do try to remain youthful as much as possible… Seeing as I’m only seventeen.

It has however hit me; I’m beginning to actually resent my mobile phone. As in, I actually don’t like it anymore.

I don’t mean I don’t like my outdated W810i; I’m actually rather fond of the device. It’s certainly better than most things I’ve come across on my bi-weekly visits to the town centre.  No, I actually don’t like the idea (at least for the moment) of being constantly in touch with the world, or at least my friends all the time.

Last week I was on Half-Term. A pleasant one week break from the mountainous piles of work I have to complete, and everything else that goes along with the joys of A Levels. One would expect I would be embracing the free time, and trying as much as possible to get in contact with all my friends…

I haven’t.

In fact, for the entire week my mobile phone was on silent. Now, I have my mobile on twenty-four seven. I actually cannot recall a day when my mobile has been turned off… It just doesn’t happen. This week though, I’ve become rather lax. I keep leaving my phone away from me (which never happens), and I actually try putting off looking at the device.

Now obviously, this could be due to a number of things; but I’ve come to the conclusion now, that I don’t actually want people being able to contact me all the time; and if they do, I don’t want to know about it.

Now this is an argument my Grandparents used against during the populisation of mobiles; “Why on earth would you want people to contact you when and wherever you are!?!” And to me it was as simple as, well, it’s useful for emergencies, and you never know what good can come out of it.

Could this be a phase? Certainly, and I no doubt expect to falling back in love with my mobile, and the joys of constant communication fairly quickly.

The point though, I’ve come to realise how intrusive it is. I’ve pointed out before the annoyances I’ve found with mobile phones in Public Places, and how I found them highly intrusive. But what about our personal lives?

Last week for example, I had fallen asleep rather early for half-term week (I think around quarter to ten). I woke up an hour later; after I found the DVD I had been watching had restarted its self. So I got up, turned it off, got properly ready for bed, and glanced at my phone quickly. “SMS Received From: [name of friend] Read now?”

Now, had my mobile been on its usual “loud” setting, I would have had my very nice piece of Classical Music alerting me out of my sleep informing me of said message. I would have had my sleep disrupted by a text message! Not good.

I can recall a number of similar instances too… Sunday Dinner, and suddenly that ringtone; and blowing candles out on a birthday cake… Ahh, that ringtone again! Plus there are many, many more occasions where this has happened.

So do I resent my mobile?
Well, if anything, I’ve come to realise how intrusive and how bloody annoying the damn thing can be. It’s a sleep disturber; it’s an invited “guest” to special occasions, and just another way in which personal space can be invaded.

Then again, I love my mobile. It goes everywhere with me. It provides me the means to update Facebook wherever I am; to inform my Mum of after school-sessions of Chemistry I am attending. It enables me to contact friends for social gatherings, and family for when they need me.

Maybe I should just try turning my phone off once in a while? Yes, I could… But I don’t see it happening any time soon.

Saying that though, I wonder how well I would go trying going “Mobile-less” for a week? I reckon I could handle it… Maybe.

Do you think you hold any resent towards your mobile? Or, do you find it too intrusive on your personal life?

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Frankly, I don't allow myself to get the point of resenting my phone. Yes, turning it off often results in thoughts that I'm somehow missing something, but that's the cost of sanity.

Definitely with you there on that point. There are definitely times when I don't want to be contacted. It is just so hard to switch the thing off. I am getting better at it but there is still room for improvement. I hate the idea that other people think they can contact any time, any place etc etc.

I think that's why I don't have e-mail on my phone. I love e-mail yes, but I receive too many, and it would take away from my enjoyment of the service I think!


I think that's why I don't have e-mail on my phone. I love e-mail yes, but I receive too many, and it would take away from my enjoyment of the service I think!


I think that's why I don't have e-mail on my phone. I love e-mail yes, but I receive too many, and it would take away from my enjoyment of the service I think!


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