Facebook panel arrives for the Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson has just released a bunch of new panels for the Xperia X1 handset, just in time for it to arrive in the Americas.

These new additions to the phone’s UI act much the same way as many common place widgets do on other mobiles.

Besides a Facebook panel, they’ve also made public a Windows Live and Dashwire module too. Just to round off the new additions and it also saves launching just the one; obviously the announcement was all about the Facebook panel anyway.

The Dashwire pan-widget-el seems a nice bolt on and could complement the phone nicely. It’s from the site that offers syncing of a mobile’s content to its portal over the air. This is all with a view to share media on a range of social networking sites, plus having other funky features too.

Its Facebook module extends the basic abilities of and, by meeting half way towards the functions of the actual site. All this without killing your precious precious data allowance and bandwidth.

From a play around with the Windows Live panel, it also comes somewhere between the actual fully blown site and the lite mobile version. There’s a promise that other features of the Windows Live experience will be included later on, although we’re unsure if this will be updated over the air or with a new panel.

We were told by SE that they will be offering more panels within time for the handset, be on the lookout for more.

In the mean time, feel free to download and try these ones out here

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