FastMac iV extends iPhone talk time by a factor of three

Coming along to fix one of the iPhones problems is the latest FastMac iV, an extended battery pack and portable charger.

They believe it can triple the battery life of the phone, with the stats being “capable of up to 24 hours of talk time, 31 days of standby, 20+ hours of video & almost 72 hours of audio playback time”.

Which could be quite a feat if accurate and one ponders as to why Apple does not offer this as standard.

It’s basically an extended battery in a matching moulded casing, containing a 3100mAh TruePower battery that lasts much longer than the standard version. If dragged to one side, most iPhone users will happily admit in the quiet of the confessional that the battery life isn’t the best feature of the Apple device.

With the iV being no taller than the phone itself and weighing in at 25% of the original iPhone, it doesn’t appear to put much of a strain on anyone – physically or aesthetically.

FastMac also states that unlike other snap-on chargers, it doesn’t add stress the dock connector or come away from the handset whilst charging. Also it comes along with the added bonus of being able to charge the phone whilst in use – a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Not only that, but it has an inbuilt USB port which can charge another device too. What more do you want, beer on tap 24×7?

It can be ordered now to the UK for both iPhone models from their website, for around the mid fifty pound mark, plus shipping.

They even offer a half price trade in for existing iV owners on this next generation model.

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