** UPDATE** G1 white version hits T-mobile, S’now Joke ** UPDATE**

Wandering out of a blizzard is the latest version of the Android based mobile to appear, now in the colour of white from T-mobile’s online store.

As it’s been around in black now for a while and since they’re dealing with ‘negative’ press coverage all the time, why not produce a negative colour version.

The handset that will be now lost in the snow comes at the exact same specifications as before, with no difference apart from the colouring.

The screen is still at an annoying angle when you’re typing from the keyboard, meaning you have to tilt your head slightly to get in alignment. Yes, we’ve actually seen people do this – it looks much akin to a dog recognising its name.

Its keypad is still a large block, where you have to curl the palm of your hand around to type on the keyboard. Or reach over that unsightly block, both of which causes a hunched shoulder. We’ve also witnessed people do this too just so they can type, it all looks very weird.

In a generations time you’ll be able to spot the people that first used the G1, as their head will be permanently be at an angle from typing and they’ll all have a semi-Quasimodo stance.

The phone is around from now in white and black from T-mobile, enjoy.


It’s been confirmed that T-Mobile had their wired crossed yesterday after all.

The albino handset has JUST gone on sale in the US of A, and not the UK.

A T-Mobile spokesperson dropped us a line late yesterday, after the fault was officially confirmed/rectified.

It’s always good to uncross the wires that were crossed, now can T-Mobile and HTC fix everything else wrong with the handset

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