iPhone gets a new hard casing, whilst increasing battery life by a factor of two

Apple accessory company Incase has just announced a new extended battery for the 3G Apple iPhone, doubling its longevity whilst providing a USB port too.

Arriving at the end of the month, the Power Slider will also be available from the Apple store online at just $99.95.

Only a few weeks back we brought you news of the FastMac iV that extends iPhone talk time by a factor of three. Although only doubling the battery life, the Power Slider does look a lot neater than the iV, fitting in more with its initial look.

The case’s built in battery is chargeable by a normal USB that doubles up as the data port. No more carrying around dire bespoke cables. Hurrah!

Seeing as the iPhone battery’s life isn’t the best in the world, this looks like a must for all Apple phone users. Thinking ahead, it could even be an ideal gift for Christmas, as those shopping weeks are running out fast.

It’s all based around a 1330mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, which looks to be of a very slim design. It works with the iPhone by first using the Power Slider’s battery until fully depleted, before hitting on the internal battery of the actual handset.

This keeps the phone fully charged at all times and can be removed from the Slider at anytime too. Whilst at the same time providing a hard outer casing to the phone, which rivals its own durability *cough*

Overall the Power Slider provides 330hrs of standby, 5 hrs of talk time, 26hrs of audio playback, 7hrs of video playback and 5hrs of internet usage with 6 over WIFI. This is exactly double of what the iPhone offers by default, how wonderful.

To see more on the Power Slide click here

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