Jimmy Wales: Mobile internet usage will ‘explode’

Well, we know this. But it’s good to hear the mobile 1.0 lot (i.e. the dotcom chaps) recognising the coming mobile revolution:

While websites may suffer in the looming recession, Mr Wales believes mobile internet will “explode” in the next couple of years. “I am constantly on my phone, and I use Facebook on here. But it is just a website on a phone, and not really integrated into the mobile,” he says. As he gets his phone out of his pocket to demonstrate how he thinks mobile social networking should develop, I can’t help but smirk. One of the key oracles of the internet has a chunky old phone, which isn’t even 3G. “It’s the same one Paris Hilton has, what do you mean it’s not the best?”

(From today’s London Telegraph).

By Ewan

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