Just how rubbish is Blackberry’s Developer Programme?

Have a read of this comment posted on today’s article about the 400,000 downloads of the MySpace for Blackberry application.

If you thought the Blackberry Developer’s Programme was a bit… rubbish, congratulations. You appear to have been correct:

When we launched Palringo on the Blackberry in May, we saw an equally impressive increase in downloads. But, developing applications for the Blackberry is really hard work. So we thought it would be advantageous to join the RIM Developer or Alliance Programme. Although they charge £1,200 to join, we thought this would be worthwhile, since it might help us deal with some of the technical issues in a more streamlined way and have access to some of the their less accessible API’s.

Believe it or not, we have found it extremely difficult to get RIM to generate an invoice. We have an account manager, but as of yet no contact from RIM.

If someone from RIM is reading this, PLEASE get in touch with us. We would really like to enhance Palringo functionality on the Blackberry. And, we really want to join your developer programme.


Kerry Ritz

That’s absolutely ridiculous Kerry.

I’ve heard similar remarks from other mobile application developers talking about Blackberry.

Oh dear.

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