LG Cookie sync’ed… finally!

After a restart, and another restart, we were good.

My LG Cookie is connected!

The key function I want is the ability to sync my contacts:

I click on the SYNC button.

I get the following problem:

Well, I started Outlook as I thought you’d need it opened.

Ok. Let me close that then.

Ok now we’re looking good:

I’m only going to select ‘Contacts’ in this experiment.

I pressed the start button.

Now the screen is stuck. It’s trying to logon to the Outlook user data base.

I wonder if I need to open up Outlook now and login? A minute’s gone by and nothing has happened.

There were four OUTLOOK.exe processes running when I opened the Windows Task Manager. Not good. Nothing to do with LG I suspect, more to do with Windows being rubbish.

Once I opened Outlook, the LG Sync Manager began processing the records in my Outlook Contacts…


So let’s try that one again.

I started the sync manager and… ah, the phone wasn’t connected. It had timed out.

Let’s switch everything off and try again properly.


Doesn’t like that. I’m USING Outlook.

Let me close down Outlook.


That’s it synchronising, I think…

So I’ve 2,600 contacts.

And I *think* there is a 1,000 contact limit:

Ah. There is.

After I selected everybody, I find this on screen:



I’m not quite sure to do at this point.

Well I decided to go through and sync the phone numbers of the people I knew I need to speak to today.

8 people.

So that’s almost helpful.

Admittedly I’m sure your average 17 year old girl doesn’t have 1,000+ contacts so this isn’t going to be a big problem for many.

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