LG Renoir only plays music alphabetically

I got this note in from Paul Newton, a reasonably happy LG Renoir user.

Paul saw the footage we shot at the Renoir launch and, suitably impressed with the device, took the plunge.

But there’s a glaring, glaring issue with the device.

Have a read:

Hi Ewan,

I am looking for some advice. I recently upgraded my handset to an LG KC910 after seeing the footage of it from the blogger party on your show. Overall I am extremely happy with it. However one annoyance with it is when browsing music that I loaded onto the supplied micro SDcard. When you select albums they are displayed (and play in alphabetical order) not the track order specified in the tags for the files. I can see no way of changing this. The manual doesn’t mention it. I had a quick search on the web and found a few other people reporting the same issue. I tried contacting LG Mobile Phone support. The operator I spoke to couldn’t give me an answer and has emailed the head office, but couldn’t give me a time scale for a response. I was wondering what I should do next. Do you have any contacts that could give you answer on this? I suspect that the software currently on the phone doesn’t allow albums to be played in the correct order. This seems like a big oversight on LG’s part. I hope that they intend to issue a software update and soon as this was one of the reasons I went of for this phone. You may want to mention this issue on the site so that others are aware of this. I dodn’t see it in any of the (many) reviews I read.

Keep up the good work.

Paul Newton

Quite simply, the LG Renoir is a ‘Fisherprice’ music phone.

We were never sent a Renoir test handset so we weren’t able to test these kind of things.

On the face of it, Paul should shut right up. You’ve got music, right Paul? It does play music? What more could you want?


In reality, this is 100% ridiculous. It ONLY plays music in alphabetical order?

What chump programmed that?

Total rubbish.

Total unmitigated rubbish.

You’d think some bright spark, somewhere deep in the bowels of LG, would have thought that SOME people might like to play music in ALBUM order.

Anyway to answer your questions Paul, I do have LG contacts.

I’ve got two routes to LG. One is through the LG blog. Chris and the team there are very good — but there’s not much they can do, I suspect, in this situation. I suspect all they could do is pass your enquiry to LG in Korea.

Which brings me to my second route to LG — direct to Korea. You’ll need to give me a few days Paul, but I’ll put this issue to them and ask for a response.

If they respond with some kind of acknowledgement then that’ll be good. If they respond with a fix or a solution, even better.

Trouble is, these LG devices nowadays are literally pieces of plastic and metal. They can’t be easily upgraded, even though there’s software inside. Don’t expect a 2.2 style iPhone upgrade for the Renoir.

If you’ve got suggestions for Paul, please post them here.

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