LGPradaWatch: final thoughts on a most unusual press conference

We got to spend some time with LG and Prada, on the arrival of their new handset the LG Prada.

The press conference was an unusual one for us which threw us a bit, as there were no presentations, no speeches, no agenda, all very very unusual. It came off much like a round table debate than anything else, as for one we were all just sitting around on chairs in a hotel suite.

The two key people were introduced, Chang Ma the vice president of marketing strategy at LG’s mobile communications division and Matteo Sessa Vitali, the licensing director at Prada. Both of which represented their respective companies and could speak knowledgeably on their behalf.

We all expected for them to talk about the phone, its features, its abilities, what it can do, how it differs from the last handset, etc. Instead they just dove straight into the Q&A. All very strange and we weren’t sure what to do, apart from just go with the flow.

There are two ways to approach and act in a Q&A; either to ask all your questions or keep them until the end and get some face time or a briefing with the people there. There’s always a worry if you blurt out your questions, others can make note of the answers and you’ll lose your exclusivity over the points you raised.

Some of the more respectful titles out there will credit you if they use your question and answers. Therefore still giving you somewhat of a thanks which can also be found on the article is properly SEO’d. Most won’t though and therefore you hold your questions until later, when you can ask them in the privacy of a closed session. There were no one to one meetings, or scheduled private briefings after the Q&A.

As this hack has been burnt so many times, I just sat back and let the enjoyment begin on what will be the most unusual press briefing attended in a long long while.

Questions were answered and asked from the likes of CNET, TrustedReviews and Pocket-Lint with responses from the guys at LG and Prada. Often discussions opened up between journalists, which all seemed to bemuse the hosts as to why these were going on.

Points were made, journalists counter them amongst themselves, the hosts weren’t always sure whether to chip in or not. All in all it was confusing, bemusing and a tad unorthodox.

Not a great deal of information was passed along at the event, nothing really on the handset just all about the deal between them both and that’s that. Anything we really wanted to ask but were too afraid to was all left to us and our own deft investigations for later.

But we’re happy to have these little odd meetings, as it just makes life a lot more interesting.

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