LGPradaWatch: Watching the LG Prada phone

LG and Prada also launched at the event the PRADA Link. It’s a fairly stylish leather strap based Bluetooth watch for use with the phone.

Once paired, the screen on the phone indicates the likes of an incoming call from the mobile, via sound or vibration. Where the call can be silenced or rejected from the wrists apparel. Only you can’t answer them in true Dick Tracy fashion; when will technology catch up with a 1930s cartoon?

It does however have the ability to view any incoming SMSs and also syncs with the phone’s calendar to remind you of appointments. So it’s half way there at least.

There’s even an alert generated on the watch when it’s out of range of the phone. A nice well thought out feature, which could even be totalled up to being a security related one too. If your mobile is in a bag or coat and you’ve breached those 10 allowed metres an alert goes off. And all just in time to see someone making off with all your worldly possessions too.

The watch does look like a nice time piece and even looks good without the onboard gadgetry. Obviously this accessory came from the studios of Prada, and to be honest does compliment the phone nicely and all for 300 Euros.

Sony Ericsson recently updated their series of Bluetooth watches that complement their phones. So it looks like this could be a winner in terms of pimping out your mobile.

For one it’s a lot more discrete and polite to occasionally glance at your wrist on an incoming SMS or a missed call, instead of rudely staring at your mobile every few seconds.

Although it might come across you’re bored of someone’s company and want to leave asap for another much more pressing engagement. As frequent watch checking could even be more socially unacceptable than phone checking.

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