Meeting with the INQ chaps

I just sat down and did an interview with the INQ chaps. I pointed the camera at them and left it, this time, rather than sticking it in their faces all the time. They made some smart points especially regarding the total lack of decent support from other handset vendors – requiring INQ to take the development into their own hands. I will have the interview and unboxing online shortly. The INQ1 is looking pretty smart. I can definitely imagine using it on a regular basis – you’re so connected with it. Put me down as the first UK customer please!
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It should be, that's the whole idea behind creating INQ Mobile as a seperate entity. They really want to be in America and presumably any market that doesn't have a 3 presence.

Not sure what they'd do if Voda, o2, Orange and T-Mob in the UK were to ask nicely for the handset. Damn that's a question I should've asked yesterday!

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