Why o2’s Bluebook wasn’t nominated in our awards

We didn’t nominate o2’s Bluebook mobile address book backup service in our recent awards for a number of reasons. All discussed in this week’s 6th (and bonus) episode of the MIR Show:

(By the way, here’s Ben’s original review of the service.)

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7 replies on “Why o2’s Bluebook wasn’t nominated in our awards”

Whilst the interface is indeed clunky, Bluebook does an excellent job of backing up every text message I send or receive and for that alone, I rate it highly. Certainly, there is no better service offering this functionality on the market today.

As far as UK consumers are concerned this is the *only* service that provides backup at the network level rather than copying off the handset… So 'best' isn't much of an accolade here! Would be interested to hear others if anyone knows of them though.

The problem is (see my review linked) having a service that doesn't work with a broken / confusing UI is worse than having nothing because customers relying on it are let down when it doesn't provide the promised protection.

It could make rainbows come out of your arse but it doesn't matter because their customers can't sign up and it's incompatible with their flagship handset!


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