MIR Show – Week 46 – OTA update of the T-Mobile G1

What happens if you take the battery out of the T-Mobile G1 Android handset whilst it’s doing it’s rather nifty over-the-air (“OTA”) software update?

Well that’s what Dan Lane did, hands shaking, whilst handset owner Ben Smith watched.

Originally we set out to film an OTA update happening — working on the basis that this itself would be of reasonable interest to most folk. When you’re used to zapping your Nokia into oblivion every time you do a firmware update, I was keen to see just what was involved.

Mid-way through the update, Dan has the bright idea (“What happens if we take the battery out?”). By the time he got Ben’s approval and fumbled with the battery cover, we *think* the update might have already completed.

Suffice to say:

1. Do not do this at home


2. Watch the video to see what occurred…

Over The Air (“OTA”) update of the T-Mobile UK G1 from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

By Ewan

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13 replies on “MIR Show – Week 46 – OTA update of the T-Mobile G1”

The best part of firmware updates is spending the next two days reinstalling and configuring my apps. What's the fun in all this seamless tomfoolery? And just how are my nails going to get trimmed if I'm not biting them watching my 500$ greymarket device with no US warranty getting gutted and rebooted 5 times?

Liked the sound. Fond memories of hearing Azure Skies play in a German bunker 3 stories underground. aahhh. youth.

Seriously though. I hope this puts pressure on Nokia and whoever else is pushing S60 next year.

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