Mobile phones get a 52-inch widescreen TV


We were at a lunch and the launch last week of the new personal video Vuzix iWear products, the OLED based AV230XL and the widescreen AV310. Effectively turning your mobile device into a 44-inch and 52-inch screen, respectively, and as if my magic. Tadarr!

These two new models update their range to offer their first, and the actual very first fully, 16:9 widescreen viewable headset in addition to the first OLED display too.

Fitting like a normal pair of glasses, if not a tad bulkier than normal but not uncomfortable, they connect to a mobile source and deliver an image to the onboard screen. If we do say so ourselves, it’s a rather cool and funky accessory to any mobile.

Although the AV230XL isn’t widescreen it makes up for it by offering the OLED display, whilst replicating a 44-inch screen. We were told on the day that a widescreen version is around 18 months away, seeing as they’ve only just introduced this tech in to their range.

As for the AV310, it is widescreen but doesn’t have a stunning image like the V230XL glasses – it’s still quite something to behold. It offers up a 52-inch screen as if viewed from 9 feet away, with Stereo 3D capable headphones.

Both of these new products have connectors for devices with TV Out such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung and HTC. It’s here for our dollars worth they really gain their usefulness. The sets are even bundled with an approved “Made for iPod” cable, besides leads for the likes of the Nokia N96 and N96.

Less not forget other devices such as Apple iPod range, MP4 players and games consoles like Wii. All of which are supported.

The usual retailers have them in stock:,,, or direct from

The AV230XL pitches up £129.99, whilst the AV310 Widescreen comes along at £149.99.

Having tried these out for a while, they do show off their usefulness and deliver a sharp image. What better way to get away from the family at Christmas, stick a movie on the phone and sit back whilst the arguments ensue all around you.

See more on the AV230XL and AV310 here and here

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