Multiple operating systems on your mobile

That popular virtualisation vendor VMware has just bought a French company known for a similar practice, only not so much on PCs or Servers but on mobile phones instead.

That’s right folks; no longer could you be tied into running only Windows Mobile or Symbian on your handsets, why not have them all or just one that your phone shouldn’t support in the first place.

If it all sounds too good to be true or why haven’t you heard of it sooner, that’s because we didn’t know about it either until VMware bought them.

Trango Virtual Processors based in Grenoble, has technology that could allow a handset to run Windows Mobile and Nokia’s Symbian operating systems all on the same phone.

VMware is well known for their software for allowing computers to work more efficiently, by running more than one operating system.

Perhaps they could bring this to mass market and just open up the whole industry, making it a users choice as to whose OS they run on their handset.

We rejoice at this news and let the development begin we say, hurrah!

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