Nokia 6010 leads as the most recycled phone – FACT!

Popular USA mobile phone recycling company ReCellular has just made public their own stats and findings on their recycling of handsets, with some surprising occurrences.

They broke the list down in to 10 of the most frequently seen mobiles to pass through their doors, all to be reused, redistributed, repurposed, recycled. Basically all the best words beginning with ‘re’, in an effort to help the environment more and prevent a landfill full of iPhones.

Six million handsets will head to ReCellular over this year. Out of those figures Motorola heads the list with four models in the running, along with 80 percent of them all still in working order.

Coming in at number 2, 4, 5 and 8 are the Motorola phones RAZR V3, RAZR V3M, C139 and V551 respectively. With the middle two being the most current phones on the list that really only came out in 2006.

Four LG mobiles make the top 10 – VX4500, VX3200, VX5200 and VX3300. These are in positions 3, 6, 9 and 10. The first two came out in 2004 and the remaining 2005.

At number 7 is the Samsung A670, from 2004. Leaving the most popular handset that’s recycled with them, drum roll please, the Nokia 6010 from 2004.

All of which could be totalled up to be seen that the average usefulness of a phone is just four years, if we take these findings as anything to go by.

ReCellular has also made the prediction that in two years time we’re likely to see the iPhone or the Curve making the list. They also go on to say that from their findings the average American replaces their handsets every 18 months.

How many mobile phones have you gone through in that time, or even less?

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