Nokia Comes With Music: Targeting University Students

It is always interesting to see how companies try and promote their services and engage with their target market.

First up is Nokia’s Comes With Music, previously we have had a lot of coverage here on MIR however this post is written in the position as head of sales and promotions at my student radio station and nothing to do with my writings here on MIR.

I was called up today from what I presume to be street teams for Nokia something (I can’t remember the name she told of her team).  It seems Nokia have tasked students to get the word out about with Comes With Music as much as possible. She said she was looking for people who could speak to the most about students as possible and obviously student radio is one possible medium hence why she was ringing me.

She told me that she had a few Comes With Music phones to giveaway as prizes. She took my details down and my interest and she had to speak to her boss.

I find out early next week whether we have been successful however it is fantastic to see companies really engaging with the their target audience.

More coverage on this next week!

Good Job Nokia!

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