NokiaChristmasPartyWatch: No new news from loose lips

Unfortunately we’re the bringer of bad tidings, no new intel or info was really obtained on the night. Apart from besides Nokia being a former wood pulp miller, they also used to make Wellington boots.

Despite our feverish attempts at cajoling information out of various astute well training and affluent members of the Nokia team, we came away with nothing new I’m afraid to say .

We did try our very best attempts at Jedi mind control tricks, with conversations going along the lines of:

“How’s things?”
“How have you been?”
“Nice venue for an event”
“How close in the leaked product line we saw of late to the actual product line up?”
“Have you been to this venue before; did I mention it’s a nice place”

To …

“Thanks for inviting me, it’s greatly appreciated”
“Hope the evening was a success”
“Was the leaked images of the E75 today, the handset that’s a successor to the E90 close to the final model”
“It’s a really great venue, have I mentioned it’s a nice place?”

We tried to be as subtle as would could, basing our tactical approach of questioning along the lines of the following. “The best way to open a letter is to throw a brick at it, from a very large height.”

Next week is their Nokia World event, in which we are of attendance and hope to bring you better news.

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