Nokia’s Handset Test Laboratory in Farnborough

Here we go!

I took an exclusive tour around the Nokia Handset Test Laboratory in Farnborough yesterday — see what you think. It really has given me a different viewpoint on (and a new-found respect for) Nokia handsets. I’ve always found them reliable and generally well-built, but when you take a look at the level of punishing tests they subject every revision of their handsets to, it really does demonstrate why they’re so well made.

(This is one of Nokia’s 11 handset test laboratories around the world).

I’ll be posting more shortly…

By Ewan

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28 replies on “Nokia’s Handset Test Laboratory in Farnborough”

Why can't they do this level of testing on their software before it hits the market?! Hardware excellent – software not so good.

A really good review of the place Ewan, I too now have a greater respect for Nokia.


I thought everyone knew about these tests =P

Guess I was wrong, either way this is fantastic PR

Glad you enjoyed yourselves. I have a picture of the OLD test heat test which was literally a cooking tray that went inside an ordinary oven.

i think my 5 n95 insurance replacements came from this department then 😀

THose poor phones do go through a lot! 🙁

Coincidently my n95 screen has developed a band of dead pixels at the bottom of the screen. Probably because of the steam (from shower) that someone did warn me against.

Anyone know where i can get the correct screw driver to open an n95?

OMG..!! Im so so jealous of you guys! Every boys dream indeed. Well, for us Nokia enthusiasts anyway, I would of loved to had visited too. I would be like a kid in a sweet shop.

Well done guys, great report, and superb video!

Nice to see you on Camera Iwan!!! Well I am surprised to how much testing they do. I knew they were tough. But didnt know they could take extreme conditions. Why not on the software. They wanna make sure that the phones dont switch off whenever they feel like it!

Ed — thanks for the comment although it's all down to Nokia for giving us permission to visit in the first place — nice one Nokia!

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