Orange exclusively gets flipped

The wonderful world of flip phones gets a brother from another mother; this time around Orange gets an exclusive with the LG KF 300.

Only last week the new BlackBerry flip/clamshell phone was announced on O2 and not to be outdone Orange has shown off the new edition to their range.

Pitching up looking awfully similar to the Motorola RAZR, the LG LF300 comes in weighting just 97g and is only 16.2mm thick.

LG has strangely come out boasting the handset “incorporates a hidden sub-LCD screen”, very much akin to what the RAZR already has on the outside of its case only we don’t hear a song and dance from them.

Onboard the Lucky Goldstar phone has the expected 2.2-inch screen with stereo Bluetooth, an MP3 player, FM radio, 2MP camera and 14MB of inbuilt memory, possibly expandable to 2GB from the microSD slot.

They believe it has an extra large keypad, we’re guessing for simple typing without the need or use of a magnifying glass.

All very decidedly common place today it rocks up with tri-band GSM and Edge, with a talk time of 2 hours and standby life of around 8 days.

It’s available now from the Orange website, on a 24 month contract from £15 per month or there’s always the RAZR.

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