Orange hitches up to the 3G netbook bandwagon, again

Not exactly a mobile story, but falling more into that camp that not – Orange gets shiny new ASUS EeePC with an embedded 3G SIM.

Joining many many other fine carriers, Orange has now announced another computer with internet access, provided by them.

The netbook comes along at the princely sum of £25 per month, with a 3GB data allowance on a 24 month contract. It’s also just in time for Christmas and excellent timing to list those unwantwd gifts on eBay.

They actually did launch their first EeePC, the 900, way way back in those heading days of August, now they’ve upped the ante with the 901 plus in built 3G surfing.

It’ll be available in black or pink, but sadly not Orange or even Tangerine – coincidentally the new name of Oranges spin off company for small businesses (we’re only joking).

If you weren’t already aware the EeePC 901 is powered by Intel’s tasty Atom processor, with 16GB of storage, five hours of battery life, an integrated webcam, on an 8.9-inch screen and weighs in at just 1.1kg.

Once upon a time children at Christmas use to look forward to an Orange in their stockings over the fireplace, how times have changed.

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