Orange suffers HTC Touch HD stock shortages

News has come to use from the website Mobile Today that Orange’s exclusive HTC Touch HD has hit an issue over customer demand for the handset.

Only a week has passed since the mobile phone arrived in the Orange stores, but already they’ve hit a ceiling over supply and demand.

The site has reported that many of the shops have only been able to offer two or three phones a week to their customers, as the deliveries they’ve taken have only just matched that figure.

Orange has come clean on realising they did not coordinate the launch very well, with stocking the shops to meet the demand.

Staff are now running a waiting list for the mobile on a first come, first served basis. Although an Orange spokesperson has passed on reassurance they’ll have ample supplies for the Christmas rush.

Once again, no need to find that petrol station at 2 in the morning on Christmas day and who really appreciates windscreen wipers anyway.

If you can get the HTC Touch HD, it’s around at the cost of £50 on an 18 month contract with a monthly fee of £45. It’s also available on a £40 contract with the phone running in at £80.

Coincidently, we’ve been one of the lucky lucky ones and have been using a Touch HD for a week or so now. We’re just putting our thoughts together and will soon be publishing a piece on how we’ve found it to date, so keep your eyes peeled on the site.

Read more on Mobile Today’s story here

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