Pudsey needs your mobiles

This year’s BBC Children in Need, needs your old mobile phones.

By donating your unwanted handsets, MP3 players or PDAs the well known recycling company Regenersis will donate up to £80 per item to this much deserved charity appeal.

The company has almost raised over £1,000,000 for Children in Need through such campaigns over the past three years.

For a working 5 megapixel camera phone, £80 will be passed along although if not in working condition £20 will be donated instead.

On a 3 megapixel camera handset, £20 will be donated to the charity and £5 if not in working order.

Whereas just £4 will be donated for any working phone with a basic camera or even no camera at all.

All of which is a nice thought and we’re sure many people have plenty of phones just lying around at home gathering dust, where they could be used to raise money.

Anything that can’t be used will be safely recycled and won’t end up somewhere in a landfill, so it’s all good for the environment too.

Please visit for more information, or pop into your local ‘3’ store with them all in hand.

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