RumourMill: Blackberry Storm arrives THIS week

Storm to arrive early, according to MobileToday

Just days after the Vodafone pre-ordering site went live it now looks like we could be seeing the phone in stores even earlier than expected.

The mobile phone news site has noted the new BlackBerry will launch this Friday at Vodafone’s flagship store in London.

This is despite the Vodafone site still showing that customers who’ve pre-order will have the phone on the 11th.

We called their press centre to have the new date confirmed, but a spokes person could neither confirm nor deny such a scandalous rumour

So we’re taking that as a ‘Yes’.

The site that started this controversy went on to state they’ve spoken to someone at one of their stores over the leakage, which we tried to duplicate in case lose lips are prevalent. Alas to no avail.

Expect though to see more coverage on that fateful day, when Apple packs up their bags and runs for the hills as the challenge will just be too great for them

Or not, as the case may be.

Either way, stay tuned here and we’ll bring you more details from the launch event supposedly with the current World F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton.

UPDATE: We’ve now been informed by Vodafone that a media bus will be touring London for press to come along and see the new handset on Thursday

7 replies on “RumourMill: Blackberry Storm arrives THIS week”

cool – i played with a dummy set while wait for my train in charing cross – and the hardware was the first thing RIM have ever made that made me want one. though im sure the software will not be rigth for me
plus i dont want to be a slave to my phone, like all the vacant blackberry gazers. 😉

It may look cool – but no WiFi is just a mission critical FAIL – even with Lewis Hamilto waving it around!

it is and it isnt a fail – i have NEVER used the wifi on my N95.
I used it all the time on my iPhone and all the time on my G1.
but mainly as its easier to access/automate.
but with decent 3G you 'shouldn't' need it

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