RumourMill: BlackBerrys to go Pay-As-You-Go?

Leaked documents picked up by the BoyGeniusReport website has it that RIM are looking towards pay as you go type contracts for their phones.

We spoke to someone linked to RIM today and then the usual candidate of O2, unfortunately they had no knowledge of such as thing and RIM “do not comment on rumours or unrealised products”.

So, that means it could be on the cards it’s just not in solid foundations yet for the UK.

Known for their push email based services, such a price model could be of interest in the budget market place and could also cause a problem or two in terms of exceeding the allotted bandwidth of that month.

We’re unsure what would happen in that case; would emails be bounced back, would an early warning system be flagged to then pay more per megabyte, all seems very curious to us as they undoubtedly move forward with the idea and concept.

As they move towards the more consumer driven market, with the Pearls, the latest Flip and soon to be seen BlackBerry full touch screen Storm phone – it only seems to make sense to expand this way.

Getting the phones into the hands of those on a budget, especially in the current economy, just gets more recognition in our humble opinion and strengthens the brand.

We’ll now climb down off our soapbox and put it away for another day.

See more on the leak here

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