RumourMill: Nokia’s FULL line up for the future leaked

With the mobile industry appearing to have more leaks than the Welsh rugby supporters at the weekend’s international game, Nokia has come out and trumped them all.

It appears the entire Nokia hush-hush-ever-so-secret product line up from now until the end of days has been leaked to the website

There are just so so many to go in to, it’s a feast for your eyes and something to keep your mouths watering until they find their way into your grubby little hands.

Choice items that made us drool like a premiership football player taking an IQ test are as follows –

Codenamed Eitri, running version 5.0.1 of the OS – Landscape candybar with QWERTY, 3.5-inch 640×350 display, minimum 8GB ROM, microSD, pressure sensitive touch UI with tactile feedback and gestures, charging via USB, 5MP AF camera with dual LED flash, integrated compass and accelerometer, proximity sensor, FM transmitter.

It’s still in development according to the chart. Could this be the replacement for the E90 we’ve been waiting for?

Code nameed Ivalo, running 5.0 of the OS – Follow-on to IP08. 3.5-inch wide touchscreen, 32GB ROM, AGPS, FM transmitter and receiver, 5MP camera, WiFi, TV-out, Bluetooth

That’s right, a touch screen with 32GB. Sorry Apple, have you gone a bit quiet over there, speak up old chap.

Codenamed Corolla, running again 5.0.1 of the OS – 3.0-inch VGA display, non-touch, 8MP camera, half QWERTY keyboard, 128MB RAM, 8GB ROM, WiFI, UPnP, HSPA, AGPS, FM transmitter.

Could this be Nokia’s first ever 8 megapixel camera phone, the one arriving to the party rather late?

Codenamed Surfer, running 3.2 of the OS – Landscape, 2.6-inch QVGA, QWERTY, GPS, NaviWheel, 5MP camera, DVB-H, quadband GSM, HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0.

This one appears to have been completed, judging by the chart on the website. Wahoo!

Dive over to the site for more goodies, but these are the ones we’ve found of unsubstantiated interest so far.

Visit the page directly here, enjoy.

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