Self destruct for mobiles arrive

British company Virtuity known for a similar technology on laptops, has developed the BackStopp Mobile software which eviscerates data on a phone if stolen or lost.

If either of those two worst case scenarios come true, the company uses the mobiles own comms to track down said phone anywhere in the world.

When the handset has been discovered, BackStopp deletes all information on the phone wiping it completely clean and removing anything which could be used for duplicitous means.

After the nasty is taken care of, a report is made back to HQ on what exactly has been purged and even the location of the device.

The first run of the software will be around for Windows Mobile devices only, with Nokia Symbian platform being the basis of the next iteration.

BackStopps foundation can be traced back to a similar tool for laptops, where large quantities of sensitive information, both personal and commercial could be used for financial gain if lost or stolen.

This software has just under gone a rather significant upgrade of late with encryption integration, Wireless and RFID integration to boot.

Not a day goes by without someone creating a group on Facebook asking for mobile numbers, as they’ve lost their phone. So it’s about time someone developed a “dial D for detonating of data” on handsets.

No details were available at the time of going to press on the applications cost, but stay tuned to for more information and updates

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