SE’s Ad Campaign using the C905’s Camera

In an effort to promote it’s Cybershot handset C905, Sony Ericsson is running an ad campaign claiming to be “an advertising media first”. The leading mobile phone manufacturing company, is promoting the mobile handset by teaming up with FHM magazine and running in-mag advertisements for the phone shot through the phone’s camera.

The company is making the camera the USP of the phone, highlighting that it is “so perfect, this whole page was shot on the mobile itself.” Apparently, C905 has the ability to reproduce high quality prints at any size.

Check out the advert on the Mobile Marketing Magazine.

5 replies on “SE’s Ad Campaign using the C905’s Camera”

well SE cameras have consistantly been class leaders
when the N95 came out the K800i? always beat it in camera shoot-outs
despite being 3.2 meg vs 5 meg

its all about the optics baby

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