Sonim’s Xtreme Performance 3 handset arrives here shortly

Oh yes!


You know what a big fan I was of the Sonim XP1? Back in the day? They’re still superb indestructible phones.

There are two XP3 “Xtreme Performance” handsets on their way to MIR Towers and I can’t wait to see them. There is something ever-so-satisfying about being in possession of a handset that can handle it.

It’s the same feeling walking about the Earth with a SatPhone.

Although your average common-or-garden SatPhone can’t handle water. The Xp3 can. It can handle 1 metre’s worth of water for 30 minutes before it breaks a sweat. Or if you’d like to get technical, it’s IP-57 certified.

It’ll operate in -20 Celsius to +60.

It’s MILF accredited.

(That is MIL-810F certified against rain, fog and salt air — all those things that screw up your average Nokia).

And of course, it’s backed by Sonim’s 3 year unconditional guarantee. That is, if it breaks, they’ll replace it. Done. No arsing about, no lengthy messing around. They’ll give you a new one.

So I’ve been sent two.

They do this, Sonim. I’ve been given one to test. Right? That’s one to show to the cameras, one to talk about and whatnot. And the other one, I have to try and destroy.

Absolutely really try and destroy. (Read my attempts trying to destroy the XP1 outside the Four Seasons in Silicon Valley).

We’ll have copious content on the Xp3 up as soon as I get them.

Meantime… any suggestions for how we should try to destroy the handset on camera?

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