StormWatch: Unboxing the BlackBerry Storm

Our Storm arrived today to thunderous applause (sorry, bad bad pun)

We thought we’d bring you the delights and treats of the unboxing ceremony, in an effort to share with you our pleasure or not as the case may be.

Think of it as Christmas come early; the tree is lit, the cracking of the fireplace, The Queen’s message playing in the background ..

Now the mood is set, we’ll begin.

The BlackBerry Storm about to be unboxed, drum roll please …..

The BlackBerry Storm unboxed, tadarrrr!

The BlackBerry Storm, powered up and all works well

The BlackBerry Storm, sending an email …

The BlackBerry Storm, music anyone?

The BlackBerry Storm, they’ve even thrown in the Remote Stereo Gateway …

That’s it for now folks.

After we’ve spend some time with it, well share our findings and thoughts

10 replies on “StormWatch: Unboxing the BlackBerry Storm”

After 4 to 5 days usage of the Storm, you can find out what we think (from an interaction and interface point of view) over at ribot:

“The Storm is a rough diamond. Lovely industrial design, but let down substantially not by the lack of Wi-Fi, which has had all the press, but instead by the quality of the touch-operating system….”

Excuse the ignorance but as this will be my first Blackberry device , once I get it up and running where is the best place for me to go get apps etc. to put onto it??

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