Symbian Guru is 2 today

Congratulations to Symbian megablogger, Ricky Cadden, founder of

They’re two today! Clever James Whatley had a note in his diary about this.

Time, then, for a quick Q&A with the Caddenmeister himself:

What handset were you using when you first started Symbian-Guru?
Ricky: It was the first S60v3 handset I got, which I *believe* was the N80. 90% sure.

Can you remember what applications you were using on your Symbian handset then?
Ricky: The biggest one was Symella. That’s why I started Symbian-Guru in the first place – Symella got ported to S60v3 (from S60v2) and I wanted to tell all the blogs I was reading, after sending out about 4 emails, I was like, ‘this is stupid, I should just have my own blog’

What was your first ever Symbian handset?
Ricky: Nokia 6620. I was one of the first 5 people on HoFo to get it.

What’s been your worst Symbian handset?
Ricky: Worst Symbian handset? Overall, I’d have to say the N80, likely.

What are your top five applications for the OS?
Ricky: Top five now is easy – Handy Taskman (first thing I install on any phone I get), Nokia Email Beta, Slick IM, Mobbler, WorldMate Live.

What’s been the best thing about running Symbian-Guru?
Ricky: The best thing, hands down, is the people I’ve been able to meet. No question. Other bloggers, high-up Nokians, etc.

Happy Birthday!
Ricky: Thanks, Ewan, I really appreciate it! Don’t forget, we’re giving 15% off everything in the Symbian-Guru Store, with coupon code ‘SGAnniversary’ from now till Saturday, as a big hearty thanks to our readers.

Now that is a pretty nifty deal.

Read more about the Symbian Guru’s 2nd birthday here.

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