Turn your Nokia into an OCR scanner

Those natty guys over at SymbianV3.Com have posted an application for Nokia mobiles, which effectively turns them into an optical character recognition scanner via its camera.

This could be the best use of a Nokia since someone turned the humongous N95 into a paper weight.

In luddites terms the software takes a photo of a page from the Nokia phone’s camera, and then extracts the text from the image into an editable format – as if by magic.

Perhaps they should call the application ‘Tadarr!’

Moving swiftly on, the site goes on to mention that it also works very successfully in poor light. Ideal for those amateur spies or those wanted to commit espionage late at work, as not to alert the cleaners by turning on that office light.

There’s even a vast array of languages on offer too for those translating needs, just backing up the usefulness of the software for those trainee 007s. Besides English, French, Greek, there’s even Chinese and Japanese, for those on further flung missions over seas or just to take home the menu at your local takeaway restaurant.

Read more about it here and download it too

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