Vodafone gets sticky with a new 3G USB modem, with 4GB of storage

Another day, another USB dongle arrives only this time it’s from Vodafone and has an integrated 4GB in the form of a removable microSD card.

Running on from the theory of ‘why take two bottles into the shower’, they built in a slot for the accompanying memory card. Saving in the trauma of carrying around a broadband modem and a flash drive, or something like that.

The Stick Pro, as that’s the moniker it’s going by is capable of the wonderful speeds of 7.2Mbps, depending on signal strength of course. With the max upload reaching the lofty heights of 2Mbps.

Depending on the price plan, it could arrive in your lint free pocket gratis or upwards within monitory costs attached.

For a limited period only, so grab this bad boy whilst it’s hot – Vodafone will be rolling out this mobile broadband on a 3GB date plan for £10 per month for the first three months, on a 24 month contract.

Calculators at the ready, it’s a mighty saving of £15 over those three months. The 5GB version will hurt your pocket to the sum of £15 per month for the same period three months, with the saving of £30.

Coming on from that the Stick Pro is also shipping free on a 5GB plan with a 24 or 18 month contract in tow, but with the cost of £29 on a 12 month price plan.

If that wasn’t enough, now firmly grasp the arms of your chair or someone else’s arms nearby.

Vodafone has also introduced today an almost pay-as-you-go version too. The ‘Stick Lite’ runs across a 30 day period, where you can download the max of 1GB at the cost of £15 per month. Although here, the dongle will set you back £49 to buy.

There’s also 18 month and 24 month 3GB contracts with this version too, where the Stick comes for free!

All in all, it’s quite a novel approach and hurrah for them!

For more info, see their Sticky product pages here

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