Were you one of the 300,000 disconnected T-Mobile UK customers?

I picked the following up in my RSS Reader from The Register;

300,000 UK T-Mobile customers had a quiet morning as they were unable to make or receive calls thanks to a database snafu that forced the operator to restore from backups – a process which is still in progress.

The problems started at around 10am this morning, and meant that 300,000 customers couldn’t be verified by the network and so were unable to make or receive calls. Restoration from a backup is already underway, and 200,000 customers are already back on the network (in London and the south east, naturally) – the remaining 100,000 should be working by 16:00 this afternoon.

As a T-Mobile customer myself I was fortunately not affected by this issue, however I wonder if any of you the lovely MIR readers were? Especially those who are sporting new G1’s!

T- Mobile’s online system is not exactly the best check out the following post’s from Ewan here, here and here ,however it is rare that I have had network issues with T-Mobile.

Hopefully they will have got it all sorted now!

5 replies on “Were you one of the 300,000 disconnected T-Mobile UK customers?”

My other half was one, Ricky. We had four T-Mobile connected handsets on the desk. One of them was disconnected since about 10am. It finally reconnected at about 2pm. The others were perfectly fine the whole time!

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