3G iPhone unlocking video tutorial


Christmas comes early to those who want a SIM free iPhone. Those natty guys over at the Dev-Team Blog have just aired video footage really showing you how to unlock an iPhone 3G.

The blog site has videos from a dude only known as MuscleNerd, with footage in Qik format showing the iPhone 3G being render SIM free, unlocked, not tied to a particular network, making as a free as a bird or just going ‘commando’ – you get where we’re going with this.

It’s the first ever software-unlock of the 3G handset, known as yellowsn0w. The video’s actually been streamed from a 2G iPhone we’re led to believe, with levels of irony there that just goes beyond all belief.

Within moments, he moves it from being locked to the AT&T network and on to T-Mobile. Tadarr!

The demo was all aired live from the dudes twitter account, but it was recorded and has been posted in all its viewing glory.

We won’t spoil the surprise or pass along what and how it all happened.

And without doing the website a grave injustice by imbedding the content, just head along and see all of the videos here.

It‘s really a sight to behold, dash along and watch them all now

Who’s to say don’t eat the yellowsn0w, as far as we’re concerned it’s the only way forward.

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